paint enhancement and correction

Paint enhancement and correction

A machine polish will enhance or correct the paintwork on your vehicle by using different pads and polishes smooth out the clear coat which removes defects.  Our enhancements and corrections include paint, gloss black pillars and front/rear lights.  What does this mean?  A paint enhancement aims to enhance the condition of the paintwork.  An enhancement will greatly restore gloss and clarity as it removes a lot of defects which dull down the finish.  An enhancement typically takes a single day and will greatly improve the condition of the paint work.  A paint correction aims to fully restore the paint work and achieve as close to a 100% defect removal as possible.  This will mean your paint work will be in the best condition as it can possibly be with the only limitations being defects which are right through the paint as well as extremely thin clear coat.

Single day paint enhancement

(1 day)


  • Wheels, tyres, arches and exhaust tips deep cleaned and dressed/protected.
  • Door shuts cleaned and de-greased.
  • Snow foam pre-wash, followed by a two bucket wash method.
  • Chemical Decontamination to remove Tar, Iron and Mineral deposits.
  • Clay bar to remove any embedded contaminants.
  • Dried with forced air, and plush towels to ensure no scratches.
  • Vehicle inspection, to check paint condition and paint depth using a depth gauge.
  • Vehicle machine polished.
  • IPA wipe down and a 6 month sealant applied to the paintwork.  (Can be upgraded to more durable protection such as wax or ceramic coatings)

paint correction

(2-5 days)

from £500

  • Same preparation process as enhancement
  • Multiple stages of polishing and isolated defect removal (wet sanding where required)
  • Number of days spent depends on budget/vehicle condition
  • IPA wipe down and 6 month sealant applied to the paintwork.  (Can be upgraded to ceramic coating)